Flying Fox XXL information

What else do you need to know before starting your adventure?

Here, you can find out who is allowed to speed through the air with Flying Fox XXL, how the steel rope slide works and the best things to wear when you make your flight. If you have any additional questions, the whole team at Flying Fox XXL will be happy to help.


How it works


Flying Fox XXL is closed in the event of rain, high winds and storms.
Flying Fox XXL can be closed every moment depending on weather situation.
If this is the case, you will be able to book a replacement slot.
If you are coming from further afield, please call us in advance to check whether your flight can take place.

Suitable clothing for the weather conditions
Sturdy footwear
A helmet and harness are provided on site
For all those who have come to watch, the best views are available right next to the Senses Park, at the middle station of the Leoganger Bergbahnen cable cars and at the Stöcklalm mountain hut.
As a visitor, you can experience the tension of the final seconds prior to the start of the Flying Fox XXL experience.